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Texas Consumer Credit Services' Edward Araujo on KFOX14

09-Apr-2015 By: Bill Melugin

EL PASO, Texas – A credit recovery expert is offering free help to those whose credit has allegedly been ruined as a result of doing business with Tom Schober, the owner of El Paso Homebuyers LLC.

Edward Araujo, the director of consumer credit services for Texas Consumer Credit, reached out to KFOX14 on Friday after seeing a special report that investigated Schober and his business.

He said one of his clients says her credit was ruined by Schober when she sold a home to him years ago, and he connected the dots when he saw the KFOX14 report.

"When I came across the story this morning, it clicked in my head, it was the same person, same organization involved so right then and there I decided to contact you guys,” Araujo said. “I was reviewing this account the same names came up again, you can see a Mr. Thomas Schober on there, El Paso Homebuyers I believe.”

Araujo showed KFOX14 some of the exact same paperwork Schober used with his client that was seen with several other victims who had contacted us.

“I was going through the contract and I just noticed some things just didn't add up, I'm not a real estate attorney, but there were some red flags that things seemed a little fishy on it,” Araujo said.

As of Friday evening, at least 20 new people contacted KFOX14, alleging that Schober ruined their credit as well.

“When it comes to bad credit, you’re guilty until proven innocent,” Araujo said.

That’s why he wants to help.

"I really wanted to reach out to you guys and to anyone who has been affected by this, we can definitely help out, there’s certain things that can be done to try to recoop the credit,” Araujo said. "In a situation like this what we can do is offer what's called good will interventions, we will basically contact the creditors and make them aware of the situation, it's kind of like a hardship, and then at that point we would have to negotiate with them to  try and get late payments removed.”

Araujo is willing to take some cases pro bono because bad credit can ruin a life.

"With that on there they won't be able to purchase a home, they may not be able to purchase a car, they might not be able to get a job,” he said.

He wants El Pasoans to keep one very important thing in mind.

"If it's too good to be true, it probably is, you want to do your due diligence,” Araujo said.

The El Paso Police Department and County Attorney’s Office are asking anyone who feels they are a victim of Mr. Schober and El Paso Homebuyers LLC to go into a police substation and immediately file a police report with a white collar crime detective.
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