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We are very excited to announce something new we have going on. We have just rolled out our Pay for Delete Credit Repair Plan. 

We are literally putting our money where our mouth is. With our new plan you ONLY pay for results. This means if we don't fix or delete anything on your credit report you don't pay anything!

...As we like to say "YOU ONLY PAY IF IT GOES AWAY!"

You may think we're crazy but I am just very confident in our ability to get results. This means there is absolutely NO risk to you.

Forget paying a monthly fee even if there are no results and avoid having the process drag out longer that it should just to try and squeeze another monthly payment out of you. We use numerous consumer protection laws and advanced tactics to get the results in the fastest time possible because remember we don't get paid until we get results.

If you have any questions regarding are new plan feel free to call us at 915-201-2604.

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