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Credit Repair
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It's your Credit. Take it back today!

Are you tired of having bad credit and being denied loans, credit cards, and vehicles?  Are you tired of renting and would like to purchase a home but can’t qualify?  We are here to lend a helping hand. We are the trusted credit repair experts. 

We know how frustrating it can be to have poor credit and pay ridiculously high-interest rates.  Are you frustrated and tired of receiving those pesky and sometimes harassing collection letters and calls?

We can help you legally and effectively fix your credit and improve your credit score.  Looking to buy a home?  We are the go-to credit repair service in El Paso and all of Texas for mortgage lenders and real estate agents who need assistance with clients that have less than perfect credit.  

Texas Consumer Credit Repair has helped numerous clients raise their credit scores, qualify for mortgage loans and improve their overall credit situation.

As a consumer, you have the right to plead not guilty to erroneous items and have your credit report be 100% accurate.  Unfortunately, many of us are busy with everyday life - raising a family, working, etc. and just don't have the time to devote to researching their credit rights.  As a result, few consumers actually dispute their credit report effectively.  This is specifically where our credit repair professionals step in to help you fix your credit and improve your credit score.  We are on your side and are here to fight for you.

Identity theft only adds to the confusion.  Millions of Americans suffer from credit profiles corrupted by the improper and unauthorized use of their credit information. All told, consumers are stuck with the daunting task of navigating legal frameworks while disputing with unresponsive credit bureaus. This unbalanced playing field creates only one major loser - the American consumer

We Make Fixing Your Credit Easy and Effective.
Our programs are based upon comprehensive research of consumer credit laws and credit bureau tactics. Our programs are 100% legal.  At Texas Consumer Credit Repair we've effectively disputed every kind of problem a credit report can have.  Our El Paso, Midland & Odessa credit repair experts are waiting to help you fix your credit today.  Let us show you the difference Texas Consumer Credit Repair can make for your credit score today. 

You Are in Good Hands
We are in strict compliance with the Credit Repair Organizations Act - the federal law that governs our industry.  We are registered with the Texas Secretary of State and carry the appropriate surety bonds.

The Truth About Credit Repair.
Remember, there is no "magic wand" that someone can wave over your credit report or credit score to make years of bad credit "disappear" overnight. Our process of legal credit repair and restoration focuses on the inaccuracies, misstatements and misleading information on your credit reports and requires time, diligence and persistence. Our unique process can start generating results in as little as 35 days, and most individuals begin to see impressive results within 90-180 days. The majority of our clients achieve their goals of restoring their good credit within 6-12 months, depending upon the individual's unique set of circumstances.

Credit Repair Information
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Credit Repair Consultation
Texas Consumer Credit Services is here to help you get your credit where you want it!

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We have helped thousands of credit clients over the years - we can help you too!

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